Plant NOVA Natives Campaign

by Dorothy McGowan

Pant as many native plants as you can to help our native pollinators and birds – and in the process helping the earth. Natives in our yard have reduced our summer water bill and I am not buying flowers every year except for what goes in pots on the deck.
Here are some websites that you might find of interest and each of these also have a list of current events where native plants are being sold.

Northern Virginia Natives:
Loudon Wildlife Conservancy:
Audubon of Northern Virginia: They have a top 10 section and offer audubon ambassadors to come to your home – free.
Fairfax Tree Stewards Resources page has information on natives; pollinators; and organizations that can assist you including help with erosion and water runoff; also, information on protecting your trees and proper mulching – the volcano mulching you see everywhere damages the tree over time:

Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora

You can search on this website for flora – scroll all the way down when you look up something because this link also has introduced plants – including some you don’t want in your yard but it is a good way to check whether something is really native if you find you are interested in this topic:

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