Why Plant Northern Virginia Native Plants?

Native plants are naturally beautiful

  • Natives provide curb appeal and can raise property values
  • Natives are adapted to live in our climate
  • Natives flourish without extensive watering, fertilizing, or pesticides
  • Natives help conserve water and soil quality

Native plants provide food and habitat for native wildlife

  • Many insects have specialized to feed and reproduce on native plants
  • Insect life supports the food chain for birds and other animals
  • Native plants attract pollinators like bees and butterflies
  • Planting natives creates a sanctuary for a diverse network of life

Natives have many advantages over nonnative plants

  • Conventional landscaping does not effectively support native wildlife
  • Turf grass and ornamentals need more watering, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Water and soil health suffer as a result

Native plants need our help

  • Development has fragmented habitat for native plants and animals
  • Pollution has degraded soil and water quality and decreased beneficial wildlife

Development has aided the proliferation of nonnative plants

  • With no natural enemies, nonnatives outcompete natives for nutrients and space
  • Nonnatives do not serve the food and habitat needs of native wildlife
  • Nonnatives reduce the diversity of native flora and fauna

Our long-term wellbeing depends upon a healthy environment

  • Healthy environments have high biodiversity
  • Biodiverse habitats host a wide variety of plants, insects, and animals
  • Planting a diverse array of natives can preserve & increase biodiversity

What can you do to help?

Promote native plants

  • Sign our website pledge to plant NOVA natives
  • Plant natives in your yard or on your balcony
  • Remove nonnative invasive plants from your yard
  • Download or purchase our Guide to Natives Plants for Northern Virginia tinyurl.com/novanatives
  • Order a “Plant NOVA Natives” sign to display in your native plant garden signs.com/plantnovanatives

Improve your home habitat

Spread the word

  • Give commercial nurseries our “We wish you stocked more native plants” card
  • Volunteer for the grounds committee of your HOA, workplace, or faith community
  • Encourage public landscaping with native plants

Help us go viral

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Share our information with others

Join us

  • Become a volunteer with Plant NOVA Natives
  • Buy and display our bumper stickers and baseball caps cafepress/plantnovanatives
  • Spread the word to organizations you belong to
  • Invite those organizations to become campaign partners



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