This Winter, Plan to Plant NOVA Natives

Winter doldrums getting you down? Now is a great time to start planning for your spring garden! This year, try something new by adding some native plants. Native plants typically need less care once established because they evolved with local soil and climate conditions. Natives also support butterflies, birds and pollinators like the Monarch. Get to know some of our native beauties!

Here are three native plants for each season that every gardener can enjoy:

Native Plants for All Seasons
Spring Blooming Summer Blooming Fall Blooming
Red Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis
Orange Butterfly Flower
Asclepias tuberosa
Black-Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta
Wild Geranium
Geranium maculatum
Scarlet Bee Balm*

Monarda didyma

Cardinal Flower

Lobelia cardinalis

Virginia Bluebells
Mertensia virginiana
Blazing Star

Liatris spicata

Blue Lobelia*
Lobelia siphilitica

* In the right conditions, the species marked with a star may spread quickly. Plant carefully!

These native plants are all featured in the Plant NOVA Natives guide, a resource specifically designed for Northern Virginia gardeners. Download a free copy of the guide and see where you can find these plants at

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